RememberMore and Successive Relearning (SR) in the Latin Classroom

The Latin Language Vocab list is available for Successive Relearning!

The Latin Language Deck on RememberMore has been completed, as of last night (By me)

The RememberMore system makes use of Successive Relearning in order to achieve a high level of success with knowledge that is required to be successful.

I think we can all agree as Latin teachers that remembering vocabulary can be a trial with even the most talented of students – The RememberMore system makes use of Spaced Retrieval and the Testing Effect, achieving a high level of success.

RememberMore uses Successive Relearning to achieve high levels of recall success.

Furthermore, when used in tandem with recent cognitive science theory – once students are able to recall information quickly, accurately, and effortlessly, it reduces cognitive load, and allows the student to dedicate the cognitive effort that would be spend retrieving information on higher level thought instead.

For the whats, whys and hows, the Remember more Website does it justice far better than I ever could:

On the ‘Deck’ there are 441 Latin words, taken from the EDUQAS component 1 vocabulary list. They have been listed alphabetically and given ‘tags’ in accordance with where they fit into the language.

As time goes on, you can increase the number of questions and decrease the amount of time, also making use of other question types such as students given you the English word rather than the Latin word, and a Match function, which, according to Yang, et al (2021) has an effect size of 0.9!

Selecting which word class and sub-division you want to retrieve.

On the Classroom app, you can select the Deck – and decide which ‘class’ of word you wish to successively relearn for that section.

Say, 10 questions of 1st declension Adjectives. Secure a high level of success before moving on.

I plan to use the system to see if we can hotseat the students, and see if 10 words can be recalled in under a minute.

To begin using the Classroom app – follow this link:

Also invaluable for any interventions, revision sessions in the Easter time, and to engage what we are now describing as the Deadpool Effect! See previous post here:

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